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SANOVO Egg Powder Production

Shell egg breaking
All eggs in our group are broken on automated equipment designed by our sister company SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

Depending on the type of equipment, each machine can break between 21,000 and 180,000 shell eggs per hour. The shell eggs are carefully monitored during breaking ensuring optimal separation of egg whites from egg yolk.

Ovodan egg loader                          Optibreaker machine    
(OptiBreaker 16/Breaks 180,000 Eggs/hour)
The egg product(s) are filtered after breaking and separating. This is to clean the product from any impurities such as shell particles and membranes from the egg.

Egg powder processing
The product(s) are then cooled to below 4C. Depending on the ultimate usage, the liquid egg can then be mixed with other ingredients such as salt or sugar, or treated with enzymes prior to pasteurization.
"Pasteurization effectively destroys all pathogens and reduces the total bacteria counts to acceptable levels. After pasteurization each egg product is then packed for distribution, either as fresh liquid or frozen – or further processed into egg powders."

Optibreaker rows                         Spray drying

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