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Egg product advantages

An egg consists of 3 main parts; the shell (10%), the albumen or egg white (60%) and the yolk (30%). An average egg weighs about 55-60 gram.

Many food industries can benefit from using pasteurised liquid eggs or egg powders. Egg products compared to shell eggs provide a high grade of convenience which include a.o:
  • a minimum of waste
  • easy dosage
  • minimum room for storage
  • lower manpower required for handling
  • high level of food safety
  • different egg blends which require little or no preparation eases the handling and minimise the risk of errors.

Udslået æg på tallerken

Eggs: dispel mythology, restore the reputation
According to research conducted by a British researcher, concerns over egg consumption and higher cholesterol are unfounded.

The link between the consumption of eggs and elevated cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolaemia), which ultimately could lead to cardiovascular disease, is based on out-dated information, according to Professor Bruce Griffin from the University of Surrey, UK.

"The egg is a nutrient-dense food, a valuable source of high quality protein and essential micronutrients that is not high in SFA or in energy. In the current difficult financial climate, eggs can play a useful role as a relatively inexpensive source of nutrition for all and especially for people on low incomes," it was said in Nutrition Bulletin.

“It is high time that we dispelled the mythology surrounding eggs and heart disease and restored them to their rightful place on our menus where they can make a valuable contribution to healthy balanced diets.”

Source: Nutrition Bulletin


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