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SANOVO Free Range & Barn Egg White Powders



SANOVO Denmark
article no.

article no.

Confectionery and
bakery industry
Egg Albumen Powder, Free Range, High Whip KAT M&S


280 A KAT M&S 

Confectionery and
bakery industry
FREE RANGE Egg Albumen Powder, high whip2503280A 
Confectionery and 
bakery industry 
BARN Egg Albumen Powder, 
high whip
Confectionery and 
bakery industry  
BARN KAT Egg Albumen Powder, 
high whip
2509 290A
Confectionery, bakery and the
meat industry 
FREE RANGE Egg Albumen Powder, high gel 2543280B
Confectionery, bakery and the meat industry BARN Egg Albumen Powder, 
high gel

We are able to supply different types of alternative egg products. Please contact your local office for further information.    

See the SANOVO Egg White movies at youtube here >>


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