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10 Commercial Food & Consumer Trends 2016-2019
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Below are some of the highlights from a recent trend seminar


In September Lise Hou Rasmussen from R&D LACTOSAN & Heidi Knudsen from LSIG marketing participated in a Food and Consumer Trend seminar. Based on this seminar we have listed 10 trends to follow in the next years to come.  

10 Commercial Food & Consumer Trends 2016-2019

As a macro trend in the Food sector we should expect the fusion kitchen and gourmet express to take the lead together with even more local kitchen. This trend is accompanied by:


  1. Clean eating (gluten free, organic, locally produced).

  2. Convenience (semi-convenience, To-go, digital convenience ie boxes with vegetables delivered to your door with recipes)

  3. Flexitarians (mix diets)

  4. Health (especially protein boosters, original food & life style).

    Next comes: New Beginnings:

  5. Waste not! (packaging 100% re-cycable – second life)

  6. Anti-big (online market place for home cooked food)

  7. Purify (clean yourself – especially older companies - CSR strategies).
    Shops without packaging (ie for fruits and vegetables)

  8. Free me (share the duties – pulling together – community). 
    Restaurants with ’home feeling’ – only 1 menu - the menu of the day.

  9. Fix me up – MEGATREND – a quest to the the best edition of yourself.
    Products: SKYR, super snacks, Soylent (meal in liquid form especially for men)

  10. Revitalise – trend against all of the above – back to the classics/the safe - for instance the good old fashioned ice-cream cone only with new flavours.
    Update the classics - make them healthier ie. almond milk.

(source: PEJGRUPPEN, September 2014)


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