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70 years with quality egg products

On the 16th December 1941 the founders of LACTOSAN A/S met to establish the company..

...and later in 1942 the first production of egg based products took place in Havnegade 33, Odense, Denmark. 

1942 was a tough time though to start up a new business; it was time of war and there was a huge lack of resources. The use of eggs needed a special permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and it was not allowed to use flour in the production. Therefore the company started to experiment with the drying of a bakery mix which consisted partly of skimmed milk and eggs. The company also experimented with the drying of food ingredients based on potatoes, vegetables, apples, fish and seaweed. Furthermore, in order to keep the production going, tests were made with pudding and pancake powders, which was actually the original idea with the company to begin with.


When the war ended in 1945 there was a certain optimism with regards to the egg situation and it was decided to extend production facilities to Havnegade 35. The new factory started up in 1948 and trials were made with pasteurization of the egg products to be able to supply salmonella free products. Still eggs were broken by hand.

By 1953 the structure of the company had established itself for a sustainable future with trade to the international market. In 1954 egg breaking machines were installed and a new era began.

(Source: En dansk nicheproduktion, Hans Chr. Johansen og Per Boje, 1998.)


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