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Company Karma project 2015
At LACTOSAN-SANOVO INGREDIENTS GROUP we take our social responsibilities very high.

This year we have desided in cooperation with WAWCAS, to send lamps to the earth quake affected Nepal. We are at the moment working together with WAWCAS (www.wawcas.com) on providing women in one of the affected areas with 1,000 solar lamps. The women are given the opportunity to develop and run their own businesses and cooperatives and at the same time secure their childrens education.


The areas are without electricity and therefore also without much needed light. The light isnot only a necessity in the sense that it is needed for practical reasons but also in order for the children to be able to read and do homework again. Light is a way of regaining some of what was lost in pursuit of life as it used to be.

We will follow the situation closely and hopefully within short time be able to give you a possive story on the great impact the lamps have done in Nepal.


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