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From caged eggs to value caged hen eggs
Many consumers have the welfare of the birds in mind whilst buying eggs. 

Consequently, the ‘free range’ certification is now a significant consideration for many egg purchasing decisions.


SANOVO Free Range Egg Products

The SANOVO Free Range products comply with KAT/Lion regulations.

The British Lion mark denotes eggs produced to a stringent Code of Practice incorporating the latest research and advice on Salmonella and eggs from scientists and vets. Learn about the Code of Practice via :

Turning to caged egg house design and how this environment can be enriched for the birds a set of rules within the EU have been issued. In terms of conversion from caged eggs to value caged hen eggs EU has set a deadline being the 31st December 2011.

The debate today is whether consumers will want to pay a premium price for higher standards of welfare and a more sustainable supply chain moving forward. The picture is far from clear and the future continues to be driven by consumer insight.

Please find the SANOVO Free Range Egg Product by clicking here.


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