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In times of change it’s good to have a strong foundation!
The woman with the eggs
Did you know that SANOVO EGG GROUP is a Danish family-owned company?

SANOVO EGG GROUP is part of THORNICO A/S owned by Thor Stadil and Christian Stadil (pictures below). Besides the food industry THORNICO A/S includes activities within machinery, shipping, real estate, environmental solutions and within the sports and fashion business.  

Unique companies - Unique stories

All companies in THORNICO A/S each have their unique story and values. In 1998 Thor and Christian Stadil bought the sports clothing company HUMMEL when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. However, Christian spotted the retro-trend and re-launched old models of the Hummel sports clothes to fashion shops around the world. He even got celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to wear the retro clothes. The downturn for Hummel was soon changed into a complete and very successful turnaround for Hummel.


Stability and long-term partnerships
At SANOVO EGG GROUP we are very proud of our pioneering history and we are proud to be part of THORNICO A/S providing us a strong and solid foundation.

"In a world like this we believe it is important to remain open to change. However, we also think that stability and long-term thinking are of the essence. We very much believe in long-term partnerships, organic growth and staying true to where we come from, our history and our heritage.” say Thor and Christian Stadil. 

Thor_Stadil.jpg Christian_Stadil.jpg  

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