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Joint Venture announcement

LACTOSAN SANOVO HOLDING has entered into a Joint Venture with the Portuguese co-operative DEROVO GROUP on Egg boiling. 

LACTOSAN SANOVO HOLDING and DEROVO GROUP have joined forces and mutual interests in acquiring the Egg boiling plant of DERVO in Segovia each holding 50% of the shares in the Joint Venture (JV). The Certificate of Approval to start the JV company was received on March 1, 2008. The JV company will still be located in Segovia and its name will be EggMax. 

DEROVO GROUP is by far the biggest player in the shell egg market in Portugal. The JV company will therefore take advantage of DEROVO’s local strength in the shell egg business and in operating shell egg production facilities on the Iberian peninsula. Furthermore, the JV company will benefit from the international experience within LACTOSAN SANOVO Holding in terms of technical know-how and sales experience.

DEROVO and LACTOSAN SANOVO Holding complement each other very well and with this new set-up we have now the biggest and most modern plant of boiled eggs in Southern Europe. The daily management team of EggMax consists of: Managing Director of DERVO, Mr. José M. Montejo and Managing Director of DEROVO, Mr. Amandio Santos.

Together we look forward to a bright future!

For additional information about EggMax, contact Mr. José M. Montejo


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