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New research project on hen eggs as a tool to fight diseases

Antibodies are crucial in fighting diseases in humans and animals. 

A new research project between SANOVO BIOTECH A/S and Højteknologifonden aims at producing cheap and high quality antibodies via hen eggs.

Højteknologifonden (www.hoejteknologifonden.dk) supports the project with DKK 9 mill. The common vision is to develop a system which in one day effectively and fast can develop a customer specific quality antibody for commercial use.

It all happens in a so called 3-in-1 solution: fast, cheap and in the right quality. This is unique within this area of research where it has before taken months to produce antibodies. Therefore, the project can have significant impact on the research on fighting a number of diseases, which effects the immunesystem.

If you want to learn more about the project please contact Project Manager Jens Møller-Christensen at:

E-mail: jmc@sanovobiotech.com 

Mobile: -45 3048 8474


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