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Fresh House Packagings

OVODAN China launches new Fresh House packagings

Reasons to choose Fresh House

To match the customer’s demands OVODAN needed a product range of small packagings with a strong visual impact and brand recognition. 

Furthermore, a longer shelf-life and more convenient packaging were demanded. The Fresh House packagings also provide Clean and Quality 

Protection (freshness/ nutrition/flavour) as well as Sustainability and Environmental protection. 

Longer Shelf life and Convenience

Fresh House packagings give a longer shelf life from 21 days to at least 30 days. It is easy to open and pour and after opening the box can stand on the table. 

Clean and Safety , Freshness and Quality Protection

EPC has passed the accreditation of HACCP and QS. Their strict quality control can ensure the  quality and safety of our packagings. Fresh House cartons with the extremely low light transmission rate can retain the freshness, flavour, and nutrient substances best.


Sustainability and Environmental Protection 

The Fresh House carton is made from renewable materials; over 70% of the carton is made from paper using trees from responsibly managed forests. Cartons are made from renewable energy; over 50% of the energy used to make the paper  in our carton comes from biomass. 

All Fresh House carton materials are environment-friendly and recyclable.

Strong visual impact and brand recognition

The multiple panels of carton are available  for attractive graphic design and printing, thus creating a strong visual impact to deliver  our product sales points  and make our OVODAN brand outstanding.


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