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OVODAN FOODS receives International Award

Ovodan Foods (China) Ltd., has been honoured with the prestigious international award "The Egg Processing Plant of the Year"

The award is the first ever
The award is the the first ever internation award given to a Chinese factory and underlines the emergence of this country as a serious supplier of safe egg products to the growing food processing industry, not only in China, but in all of Asia. It took place during the annual International Egg Commission Conference held in Shanghai from September 14th to 18th 2008.


This award was obtained due to excellent work
Owner, Mr. Thor Stadil, was very proud and gave thanks to all the OVODAN employees starting with the CEO Wayne Lieu: "I am very grateful and I want to thank you very much for all the efforts, energy and the time you are using to make OVODAN FOODS known in the whole world as the No. 1 egg processing plant for 2008. A great compliment to all of us".

Facts about the award
The Egg Products Company of the Year Award recognises the best all round performance including quality, innovation, and marketing. The award is part of the International Egg Commission Conference Programme.

Facts about China and OVODAN egg processing
China is by far the largest egg producing country in the world. More than 40 percent of all eggs in the world are produced in China. Egg products for use as an ingredient in the Chinese food industry was practically unknown until the SANOVO EGG GROUP brought their technology and know-how to the country with the establishment of OVODAN FOODS near Shanghai.

Egg drying has been added to the facilities enabling OVODAN to offer a full range of egg products from fresh liquid to an assortment of egg powders for industrial use. In an effort to control the raw egg quality used in the Ovodan range of egg products, Ovodan established it’s own egg laying farm in 2006. This chicken farm is situated on the banks in the mighty Yangtze river delta, isolated - yet near the processing plant. This egg farm guarantees full traceability as well as full control of feed, pharmaceuticals, vaccines etc.

This unique, pioneering project is now becoming a cornerstone of a new industry
 in it’s development phase, which will eventually provide the Chinese consumer a better, safer choice of food products in which eggs are an important ingredient.


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