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Product Launch
FOTO 2 OVOSPRAY croissant

OVODAN FOODS China has recently launched an Egg Glazing Spray

Functionalities & Application areas

The Egg Glazing Spray consist of pasteurised eggs only.

The concept of integrating an aerosol process into product formulation addresses all consumer demands:

  • It provides clean application, safe hygiene and food safety.
  • It is a natural product with no preservatives added.
  • The technology and packaging ensures the preservation. In addition, freely-measured dosage on demand (no shelf-life limitation "after first use") avoids any waste.

    FOTO 2 OVOSPRAY croissant

The Egg Glazing guarantees a fast, shiny and precise egg spray application on pastries and baked goods such as: 

  • croissants
  • brioches
  • braided breads
  • Etc.


For more detailed information about this new product please contact OVODAN FOODS, China.



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