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SANOVO EGG GROUP supports Dan Church Aid project in Malawi
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The setting up of an egg laying farm 

In co-operation with Dan Church Aid, LACTOSAN-SANOVO Ingredients Group and SANOVO Technology Group support the setting up of an egg laying farm. 

The main objective of the farm is to produce and sell eggs to local institutions or on the local market in Malawi. The project includes a proper supply of feed, education of local staff and vaccines for the chickens. Everything is handled by a group of selected local women who are trained during the project process. Sanovo Technology Group and Dan Church Aid initiated the chicken project in December 2007.


Chicken project rescues Malawi women from poverty

By Joseph Scott, Communications Officer, Dan Church Aid Malawi

With the ever changing weather patterns, rural farmers in Malawi are struggling to cope with an unpredictable rainfall pattern that has seen a reduction in harvest for the largely agricultural based economy.

In a country where agriculture is mainly dominated by women, the burden of fending for the family is largely borne by this group. And in these hard times, chickens have become Malawi’s women’s best friends. 

Dan Church Aid (DCA) with financial support from Lactosan-Sanovo Ingredients Group and Sanovo Technology Group is helping women groups in Lilongwe to rear chickens as one way of protecting them from the perennial shocks that come with changing climatic conditions.

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