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SANOVO Free Range Egg Products
Speaking of animal welfare

When we speak of animal welfare it continues to be an increasing important consideration to many food suppliers and consumers whilst buying eggs. Therefore the “FREE RANGE” certification is now a significant consideration for many egg purchasing decisions.


Definition of Free Range Eggs
Free range eggs come from hens housed in sheds that have access to an outdoor range during the day. They return to sheds for roosting, laying, drinking and eating. Farmers who house free range flocks must pay closer attention to their birds to minimise the occurrences of cannibalism, disease and predator attacks.

We also see a tendency that big brands make a total shift from battery eggs to free range in certain markets to meet rising consumer demands. Especially the UK consumers have positioned themselves at the forefront of this consumer trend. The expectation is that the trend will quickly spread to other markets bearing the speed of communication globally in mind. As a general consequence the popularity of caged and barn hens has dropped but still make up the majority of total egg production. (source: internationaleggcommission.com)

SANOVO Free Range Egg Products

SANOVO EGG GROUP supplies various Kosher, Halal and Free Range Egg Products (Egg White Powder, Whole Egg Powder and Egg Yolk Powder) with the same excellent qualities and functional benefits as our standard product range.

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