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Use of cookies on www.lactosan-sanovo.com & www.sanovo.com
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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information stored on your computer. Cookies are typically used to ensure the technical function of a website, but they can also be used to collect statistical information about users’ traffic on a website.

Danish legislation on cookies
The aim of the Danish legislation on cookies is to protect users against unlawful collection of information on their use of websites. All Danish websites must inform users of which cookies are left on the user’s equipment. The information must comply with “Danish Consolidation Act No 1148 dated 09.12.2011 concerning demands on information and consent to storage and access to information in end users’ terminal equipment” being part of an EU directive No 32002L0058 concerning the protection of privacy in the electronic communication sector.

Our use of cookies on www.lactosan-sanovo.com & www.sanovo.com
We use cookies to collect 100% anonymous information about users’ traffic on www.lactosan-sanovo.com & www.sanovo.com. These cookies will be deleted from your browser when you finish visiting our website. We use the collected knowledge to improve our website so that you as a visitor find the information you need from us in the quickest and easiest way possible. When you log in, we also use cookies to ensure the technical conduction of the mentioned services.

Google analytics
Additionally, we use Google Analytics cookies to monitor your use of www.lactosan.com. This monitoring is used for statistical registration of the use of our website and to find inappropriateness on our website so that we can ameliorate your experience of www.lactosan.com.

The cookie contains an ID generated randomly, which is used to recognize your browser when you read a webpage using Google Analytics. The cookie contains no personal information and is used for web analysis only.

How to disable cookies?
In all ordinary browsers you have the opportunity to disable cookies. Please note that this may imply that the website does no longer function properly. You can read more about your opportunities at your selected browser supplier.
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This site uses cookies

Cookies are necessary for this site to function, but also gives us information about how the site is used,
so we can make improvements, both for you and others. Cookies on this site are mainly used for measuring
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